hire an attorney

Should I Hire an Attorney?

Should I hire an attorney lawyer? – The further we get in society with technological advances and information on the internet, the more we are tempted to go with the
Term Lengths of Probation in North Carolina

Term Lengths of Probation in North Carolina

Term lengths of probation in North Carolina – Typically, when someone is convicted of a crime in North Carolina or pleads guilty, there is either an order of probation, or
criminal depositions

Depositions in North Carolina Criminal Cases

Depositions in criminal cases – Typically in a criminal trial most of the evidence for a case is given to the defendant by the prosecutor through a process called criminal
criminal solicitation of a minor SC

Criminal Solicitation of a Minor in South Carolina

Criminal solicitation of a minor – All jurisdictions have a wide variety of sex crimes which are harshly punished. Some of those crimes involve sexual conduct with underage people. The
extraordinary mitigation NC felony

Extraordinary Mitigation in North Carolina Criminal Cases

Extraordinary mitigation in North Carolina criminal cases – In North Carolina if you are convicted of a felony, you will be punished according to the North Carolina Felony Sentencing Guidelines. 
Sentencing Hearing NC

Sentencing Hearing in North Carolina

Sentencing hearing in North Carolina – In North Carolina, criminal convictions follow structured sentencing governed by the North Carolina misdemeanor sentencing guidelines and North Carolina felony sentencing guidelines.  These guidelines
providing false information to the police

Providing False Information to the Police

Providing false information to the police – As criminal defense attorneys, our default position is typically, “don’t talk to the police”. Especially if you have been charged or are suspected
material witness orders

Material Witness Orders/Ensuring A Witness to Testify in a Criminal Matter

Material witness orders – In North Carolina (like every other jurisdiction) the primary way to enter evidence in a criminal trial is through witness testimony. Problems can occur, however, when
maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for drugs

Maintaining a Vehicle or Dwelling for Drugs in North Carolina

Maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for drugs – There are a wide variety of drug crimes in North Carolina that have a wide range of levels of seriousness. From crimes
assault by strangulation

Assault by Strangulation

Assault by strangulation is a Class H felony in North Carolina. In North Carolina, there are many different types of assault, ranging from low-level misdemeanors to felonies. One type of
organized retail theft

Organized Retail Theft in North Carolina

Organized retail theft – In North Carolina, theft crimes are numerous and varying. Most people have heard of larceny and shoplifting. Additionally, the concepts of obtaining property under false pretenses
child support while incarcerated

Child Support Payments While Incarcerated

Occasionally, we are asked the question, “Do I still have to pay child support if I’m in in jail?” The answer to this question is not always simple. The purpose
impeachment for prior convictions

Impeachment by Prior Convictions in a Criminal Trial (NC)

Prior convictions as impeachment in a criminal trial – Can prior convictions be used against a defendant at his trial? We answer this question in detail below. Like all of
DWI stop refuse tests

DWI Stop and Arrest – What You May and May Not Refuse in NC

Endless people make common mistakes during a DWI stop as a result of not knowing their rights (click here to learn more). This blog seeks to inform people of their
going armed to the terror of the people

Going Armed to the Terror of the People (NC)

Going armed to the terror of the people in North Carolina – As criminal defense attorneys, we are exposed to and hear about different crimes quite often.  Even though we
lesser included offenses

Lesser Included Offenses in North Carolina

Lesser included offenses in North Carolina – Sometimes a defendant who is charged with a crime, goes to trial and then gets convicted of something similar but less serious. Typically,

Shoplifting in North Carolina

Shoplifting in North Carolina – There are a wide variety of theft crimes in most jurisdictions. In that regard, North Carolina is no different. One such crime is shoplifting, but
prostitution law

Prostitution Law in North Carolina – Interesting Considerations

Prostitution law in North Carolina – interesting considerations – Prostitution is an interesting topic in regards to North Carolina criminal law. It is one of the few instances where two
suppressing a search warrant

Challenging a Search Warrant in North Carolina

Challenging a search warrant in North Carolina – When a defendant is facing a criminal trial, what he or she must worry about is the quantity and quality of evidence
conditions of probation

Conditions of Probation in North Carolina

Conditions of probation in North Carolina – When someone is convicted of a crime in North Carolina, typically they are sentenced to some period of incarceration, probation, or both. We


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