DWI stop refuse tests

DWI Stop and Arrest – What You May and May Not Refuse in NC

Endless people make common mistakes during a DWI stop as a result of not knowing their rights (click here to learn more). This blog seeks to inform people of their
going armed to the terror of the people

Going Armed to the Terror of the People (NC)

Going armed to the terror of the people in North Carolina – As criminal defense attorneys, we are exposed to and hear about different crimes quite often.  Even though we
lesser included offenses

Lesser Included Offenses in North Carolina

Lesser included offenses in North Carolina – Sometimes a defendant who is charged with a crime, goes to trial and then gets convicted of something similar but less serious. Typically,

Shoplifting in North Carolina

Shoplifting in North Carolina – There are a wide variety of theft crimes in most jurisdictions. In that regard, North Carolina is no different. One such crime is shoplifting, but
prostitution law

Prostitution Law in North Carolina – Interesting Considerations

Prostitution law in North Carolina – interesting considerations – Prostitution is an interesting topic in regards to North Carolina criminal law. It is one of the few instances where two
suppressing a search warrant

Challenging a Search Warrant in North Carolina

Challenging a search warrant in North Carolina – When a defendant is facing a criminal trial, what he or she must worry about is the quantity and quality of evidence
conditions of probation

Conditions of Probation in North Carolina

Conditions of probation in North Carolina – When someone is convicted of a crime in North Carolina, typically they are sentenced to some period of incarceration, probation, or both. We
assault on a female

Assault on a Female in North Carolina

There are a wide variety of assault charges in North Carolina, ranging from various misdemeanor assault charges to various felony assault charges. One type of misdemeanor assault is known as
falsely accused of crime

Falsely Accused of a Crime

Falsely accused of a crime – Any run in with the law can be a scary and stressful thing.  Being charged with a crime has lasting consequences and may negatively
legal research

Legal Research in Criminal Cases

Legal research in criminal cases – The amount of work that a criminal defense attorney must do on a criminal case is often unknown and underestimated.  It is not difficult
bank fraud

Bank Fraud Federal Charge

Bank fraud federal charge – There are a wide variety of theft crimes in every jurisdiction. Most theft crimes are going to be state charges, while some of them can
possession of child pornography

Possession of Child Pornography

There are many different sex crimes in every jurisdiction in the United States both on the state level and the federal level.  Sex crimes in general carry a heavy stigma,
DWI pleas

DWI Pleas in North Carolina

DWI pleas in North Carolina – Sometimes, DWIs end in pleas. Here, we discuss what kind of plea deals that may take place and why some people decide to take
carrying concealed gun

Carrying a Concealed Gun Charge in NC

Carrying a concealed gun charge in North Carolina – Though the 2nd amendment is broad in scope and covers the right to gun ownership at federal level, every state has

Littering in North Carolina

Littering is straight forward, there is no need to pretend that it is some sort of complicated legal theory or nuance behind it, so we will spare you the typical
assaulting a police officer

Assaulting a Police Officer in North Carolina

Assaulting a police officer in North Carolina – Like many other jurisdictions, there are categories of crimes in North Carolina including but not limited to: property crimes, sex crimes, homicide
Identity Theft

Identity Theft in North Carolina

Identity theft is a popular crime that seems to get more popular as time passes because of advances of technology, the lack of privacy of the social media era, and
not a defense

That is not a defense to that crime

That is not a defense to that crime – When someone is charged with a crime, they have the presumption of innocence and it is up to the government to
crime classification

Surprising Comparisons of Classification Crime Classes in North Carolina

Surprising Comparisons Crime Classification in North Carolina – The severity of a crime depends on the Class the crime is categorized under, whether it is a misdemeanor, or a felony. 
snow day court closings

Snow Days, Closings, and Court Dates

Inclement weather and court house closings – It’s that time of year again. With the cold weather finally upon us, we thought we would write a blog about how to


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