Limited Driving Privilege

Limited Driving Privilege In North Carolina

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of your criminal defense attorney, defendants who are charged with DWI are convicted. Upon conviction of DWI in North Carolina, the defendant’s license will be suspended for some period of time. This occurs as a part of the defendant’s sentencing. North Carolina law, however, does provide a mechanism through which drivers may be able to get back on the road. This is called a limited driving privilege.

What is a limited driving privilege?

A limited driving privilege is an order that is issued in the discretion of a court. It is issued for good cause shown. It authorizes a person with a revoked driver’s license to drive for essential purposes. These essential purposes are defined by statute. In some circumstances, a criminal defense attorney would be able to get you back on the road fairly quickly. Your driving privileges will be limited to purposes such as going to and from work or driving to obtain medical treatment.

If you have had your license suspended for DWI you should contact a criminal defense attorney about your eligibility for a limited driving privilege.

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