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Criminal Defense Attorneys in North and South Carolina


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accessory after the fact

Accessory After the Fact in North Carolina

Accessory after the fact in North Carolina – There are several ways that people can be charged with a crime.  Sure, most of the time is it because the government
accessory before the fact

Accessory Before the Fact in North Carolina

Accessory before the fact in North Carolina – There are several ways that people can be charged with a crime.  Sure, most of the time is it because the government
Open Container

Open Container Charge in North Carolina

An “open container” charge can be an infraction or a misdemeanor in North Carolina. Either way, it is illegal for a passenger or driver to transport an open container of
don't talk to the police

Don’t tell the police more than you tell your criminal defense attorney!

It is sounds simple, it sounds basic, and it sounds like it doesn’t need to be said but we are obviously writing this blog for a reason. Time and time
Common Domestic Offenses

Common Domestic Offenses in North Carolina

Common domestic offenses include a wide variety of misdemeanor and felony criminal charges. Almost all of these offenses can be non-domestic as well. When one of these common domestic offenses
should I hire a lawyer

Should I Bother to Hire a Lawyer?

Should I bother to hire a lawyer if I just want to plead guilty? – The answer to that question is yes.  When it comes to criminal matters, there is
animal abuse NC

Animal Abuse in North Carolina

Animal Abuse – The country has seen many instances of animal abuse in recent years. One of the most famous cases involving animal abuse was with Michael Vick – former
SC use of vehicle without permission

Use of a vehicle without permission in South Carolina

Use of a vehicle without permission in South Carolina – Most crimes fall under a few basic categories such as theft crimes, homicide crimes, drug crimes and a wide variety
suppressing evidence

Suppressing Evidence in a Criminal Trial

Suppressing evidence in a criminal trial – Being charged with a crime is one of the scariest experiences one can imagine and people often feel lost, and don’t know what
charged with a crime

Charges versus Convictions – I’ve been charged with a crime, is it over for me?

Often, we get calls from potential clients who have been charged with a crime and of course they tend to be worried.  “I have been charged with a crime, so
prison sentencing

Prison Sentencing – How much time I will actually spend in prison?

Prison sentencing in North Carolina can be very confusing to many people.  This is understandable since it is a complicated topic that requires some training to understand.  North Carolina felony
possession of alcohol by minor

Possession of Alcohol by a Minor (and Related Offenses)

Possession of alcohol by a minor in NC – Most people would like to go through their entire life without being charged with a crime.  Though this is a reasonable
registered sex offender

Consequences of Being a Registered Sex Offender in South Carolina

No matter what you may or may not have done, you are innocent of a crime until proven guilty and the government has the burden to prove you guilty beyond
obtaining property under false pretenses

Obtaining Property Under False Pretenses in North Carolina

Obtaining property under false pretenses is a felony in North Carolina. There are a large number of crimes that you can be charged with in North Carolina (as well as
dismissal of criminal charges

Dismissal of Criminal Charges

Often, when calling us a for the first time, clients summarize what they have been charged with and what special circumstances they think they have, and they sometimes end the

Alibi Defense in Criminal Cases

Anyone who has ever watched a police procedural on television has either heard the question “do you have an alibi?”, or has heard the statement “I have an alibi.” Other
DWI Civil Revocation

Civil Revocation of your License for a DWI Arrest

Civil revocation of your driver’s license is a consequence of being charged with DWI in NC. In North Carolina, DWIs have a lot of consequence that have to be dealt
South Carolina sex offender registry

South Carolina Sex Offender Registry

South Carolina sex offender registry – We have all heard of the sex offender registry.  Every state has one, and different states have different requirements. In a previous blog, we
misdemeanors matter

Misdemeanors Matter

This blog seeks to dispel the myth that misdemeanors do not matter. Sometimes the facts are assumed to be so bad on a criminal case that our clients call and
Necessity Defense

Necessity Defense in Criminal Cases

“Necessity” is sometimes used as a defense to certain crimes in North Carolina. Sometimes things are not what they seem to be.  That is true in life and it is


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