The criminal defense lawyers of Gilles Law believe strongly in the importance of ongoing and rigorous criminal defense training. As such, both criminal defense attorneys have completed extensive criminal defense training. Both lawyers are proud graduates of the UNC School of Government Defender Trial School (2018). In addition, see below for a for a list of some of the training that the criminal defense attorneys have undergone.

Criminal Defense Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Seminars/Training Sessions that the criminal defense attorneys have attended and received credit for through the North Carolina State Bar:

  1. Brady and Body Cams (2019)
  2. Client Conflicts in Defense Work (2019)
  3. Use of Force and Self Defense (2018)
  4. Eyewitness Identification Errors: How Do They Happen (2018)
  5. Plea Negotiating with an Eye Toward a Future Expunction (2018)
  6. How to Make a Successful Record (2018)
  7. Prisons, Commitments and Sentencing Credits (2017)
  8. Post Release Supervision – From Beginning to End (2017)
  9. Making Batson Count: Combatting the Use of Race in Jury Selection (2017)
  10. State Bar Ethics Enforcement: Overview and Current Issues (2017)
  11. Avoiding Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions: 2017 Update (2017)
  12. DWI Assessments (2017)
  13. Making Mountains Out of Molehills – The Importance of Pretrial Motions (2017)
  14. Expunging a Criminal Record (2016)
  15. Trying a Criminal Case: Recordation and Sequestration (2016)
  16. Trying a Criminal Case: Cross-Examination (2016)
  17. Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions (2016)
  18. Trying a Case: Jury Selection 101 and Making Your Case Before Opening Statements (2016)
  19. Trying a Criminal Case: Direct Examination, Objections (2016)
  20. Trying a Criminal Case: Motions to Suppress in District Court (2016)
  21. Trying a Criminal Case: DWI Pretrial Motions in District Court (2016)
  22. District Court Ethics: Duty to Client, Court and Others (2016)
  23. Felony Sentencing for the Criminal District Court Practitioner (2016)
  24. Trying a Criminal Case: Cross Examination – Putting it Together (2016)
  25. A Traffic Law Primer (2016)
  26. Practice Pointers for Defending Probation Violations (2016)
  27. 8th Floor Matters (2016)
  28. Post Release Supervision – From Beginning to End (2016)
  29. All You Need is Love, Theme and Theory: How to Apply the Trial School Method (2016)
  30. Interpretation of Forensic DNA Mixtures: Pest, Present, and Future (2016)
  31. Professionalism for new attorneys (2016)
  32. Human Trafficking – Victim Identification and Best Practices (2016)
  33. CMPD Electronic monitoring: What You Need to Know (2016)
  34. Connecting Clients with Community Resources (2016)
  35. Effects of Extended Exposure to Drama and Trauma in the Court Room (2016)
  36. Mental Health Experts and Psychological Evaluations (2019)



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