Criminal Defense Attorneys in North and South Carolina


Criminal Defense Attorneys in North and South Carolina


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Child Restraint Laws in NC

Drivers are often rightfully concerned about getting points on their driving record. As many people know, DMV points can eventually lead to license suspension. While people tend focus on speeding and other moving violations, they are generally not aware of child...

Unlawful Possession of a Handgun in South Carolina

Unlawful possession of a handgun is a criminal charge in South Carolina. In general, possession of a registered handgun by a licensed person is legal in South Carolina.  However, there some instances where possession of a gun in South Carolina is against the law....

Domestic Violence in South Carolina

If you have been charged with domestic violence in South Carolina, you can face a wide range of consequences. Like just about any other criminal charge, you should consult a South Carolina criminal defense attorney if you are charged with Domestic Violence. Domestic...

Trespass in North Carolina

Trespass in North Carolina is a criminal charge that can lead to wide array of criminal consequences. Because of that it would be best to contact a criminal defense attorney if you are ever faced with that situation. Degrees of Trespass in North Carolina In North...

Cocaine Trafficking in South Carolina

Cocaine Charges in South Carolina – Cocaine Trafficking  Charged with an offense related to cocaine in South Carolina? Check out this blog on cocaine charges in South Carolina to better understand SC criminal law. This blog places special emphasis on cocaine...
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