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PJC (Prayer for Judgment Continued) in North Carolina – Should I get a PJC for my Traffic Ticket?Traffic Lawyers in NC

As traffic lawyers in Charlotte North Carolina, Gilles Law often gets calls from clients who have gotten a speeding ticket. Often times, these individuals ask us if we can get them a PJC for a traffic ticket. Often it is because they heard from a neighbor or their friend, who is not an attorney, that that is what they should shoot for. Though PJCs can be used for traffic tickets, it may not always be your best option.

What is a PJC?

  • In North Carolina a prayer for judgment continued (PJC), is an option that is available with guilty pleas for certain crimes or infractions. A PJC can be granted by a magistrate (in some cases) or a judge. It Is available for traffic infractions and some misdemeanors. It is given at the Court’s discretion.

What does a PJC do?

  • A PJC simply continues judgement indefinitely, alleviating the defendant from some of the consequences that would otherwise come with pleading guilty or responsible to a charge. These consequences can include fines, or jail time.
  • In the context of a traffic ticket, properly getting a PJC will keep you from getting points on your license or your insurance in North Carolina.

Should I use a PJC for a traffic ticket?

  • A PJC for a traffic ticket should only be used in certain circumstances, because there are limits to how many times you can use one.
    • For the purposes of DMV points, person can have up to two PJC’s within a five-year period without any points being assessed or any impact on their driving record.
    • With regard to insurance points however, a person can have one PJC per household (or insurance policy) every three years without any insurance premium increase. This means that using one will limit others from using one for this purpose, and vice versa.

PJCs are a lot more complicated then they seem and are often not your best option for a traffic ticket. Many times they are not even your second or third best options. If you get a traffic ticket in North Carolina, contact a traffic lawyer. At Gilles Law we handle traffic tickets in Mecklenburg, Union, and Cabarrus counties. 980-272-8438

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