Hello, as criminal defense attorneys we are often asked a very specific question; a very dreaded question, and that question is how do you do what you do? How do you defend guilty people? Well, when we get that question we answer it like this: We actually have never defended a guilty person ever because when someone is charged with a crime, when someone in the United States is accused of a crime that person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and it is the state or the federal government’s job to prove that person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Now, we do this for two things and we take pride in this for two things. One we help our individual client who has a constitutional right to face his accuser, who has a constitutional right to defend himself. And two, we help society as a whole by making it as difficult as possible for the state or federal government to strip the liberties of an individual and put that person in prison and find that person and take away other liberties that he may have and make him face consequences that he might not otherwise have.

The harder that we can make that the better it is for society so we’re proud to do what we do, we are proud to be criminal defense attorneys.

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