Should I Hire an Attorney?

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Should I hire an attorney lawyer? – The further we get in society with technological advances and information on the internet, the more we are tempted to go with the “do it yourself” approach. That may be an okay idea when it comes to changing a car part, tiling your floor, or hanging a ceiling fan. Something that all those things have in common is that if you mess it up, you can just hire someone to fix it, so in the end it is no big deal.

The important thing to consider, however, is that some things can’t be undone and could forever be detrimental to your life. You shouldn’t try to medicate yourself (or perform any complex medical procedure on yourself), and you shouldn’t try to handle things yourself if you are facing criminal charges. Criminal convictions can have lasting consequences and life as you know it will change. Once you are charged, mistakes you make are often impossible to undo. Because of this, if you ever must make the decision about whether to hire a lawyer or to handle something yourself, you should err on the side of hiring a lawyer (or asking the court to appoint counsel).

It is not just to handle a trial; you should hire a lawyer if you are in any way involved with the criminal justice system. This blog will give you just a few examples of why.

You should hire an attorney if you are suspected of crime

It is a mistake to wait until you are charged with a crime before you consult with an attorney. Often, the most critical segment of your case is when you are the suspect of a crime and a law enforcement officer just wants to “clear things up with you”.  An attorney would likely remind you to exercise your right to remain silent, so that you don’t make any incriminating statements. This would include making sure you don’t share the details of the matter at hand with anyone you don’t have confidentiality with.

You should hire an attorney if you have been charged with a crime

If you have been charged with a crime, that is just the beginning. What will follow will be several court dates, discovery, a chance for a plea offer, and a chance at a criminal trial. Additionally, there will be questions about defense strategy, potential sentencing issues, and possibilities of expunctions and appeals.

A criminal defense attorney can educate and guide you through the process as well as advocate for you every step of the way. Someone attempting to do that themselves who is not trained for it risks doing serious damage to their future.

Criminal cases are very complicated and often require professional assistance. If you have been charged with a crime in South Carolina or North Carolina and are seeking legal representation, contact us.


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