Sex Offender Registry in NC, Part 1

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Sex Offender Registry in North Carolina, Part 1sex offender registry

Sex offender registry in NC – Hiring a criminal defense attorney is about more than just the sentencing involved in the crime that someone has been accused of.  In the past we, have written about some of the collateral consequences of criminal convictions.  One of the most serious consequences is ending up on the sex offender registry.

The sex offender registry is a public index that can be accessed online that shows the name and address of anyone that has been convicted of certain sex crimes.  There are many websites where this information can be found, click here to see an example of one of them.

Required sex offender registration

North Carolina General Statute Chapter 14 Article 27A, covers most of the rules involved with sex offender registration, and as such:

In North Carolina, any person who is convicted of a reportable crime must register with the sheriff of the county they reside in:

  • Within three business days of release from prison; or
  • Immediately upon conviction of a reportable crime where prison time was not imposed; or
  • If they were required to be registered in another state; within three days from establishing residency in North Carolina, or within 15 days of being present in the state of North Carolina, whichever comes first.

** Non-residents that are present in the state, such as workers or students are also required to register in the county in which they go to school or work, if they have a reportable conviction.

Required information on the registry

As part of registration the sheriff will be required to receive biographical information included but not limited to:

  • Full name including aliases,
  • Date of Birth, weight, height, race, eye color, hair color,
  • Driver’s license number, address,
  • Date of conviction,
  • Photograph, finger prints, and online identifiers,
  • Whether the person is intending on going to school and what school he or she plans to attend,
  • Place of employment.

** Note: It is the registered person’s responsibility to keep this information up to date.  If anything has changed they are required to give the sheriff updated information as necessary.  In addition, the information shall be verified semi-annually.

Failure to register

Failure to register and follow the rules of registration is a separate crime itself.  Under North Carolina general statute 14-208.11 this is punishable as a Class F felony and follows the North Carolina felony sentencing guidelines.

  • Further, under North Carolina general statute 14-208.11a, Any person who aids someone in eluding arrest or providing false information with regard to the sex offender registry is guilty of a Class H felony.

We provide more information with regard to this topic in part 2.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a sex crime in North Carolina, has been charged with a sex crime in South Carolina, or has been charged with a federal sex crime, contact us.

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