Indecent Exposure in North Carolina

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Indecent Exposure in NC

Under North Carolina law, (see NCGS § 14-190.9), indecent exposure is a charge that covers a variety of scenarios. We will discuss these below. Indecent exposure in North Carolina can be charged as a Class 2 misdemeanor or a Class H felony.

What is indecent exposure?

This crime means publicly exposing a person’s private parts and doing so in the presence of others. Depending on the circumstances, indecent exposure sometimes includes exposing one’s self on private property as well. Some public places, such as locker rooms, are not included in this law. Exposing private parts to another person of the same sex in those places is thought of as common behavior.

Who can be charged?

Anyone can be charged with this crime. However, it matters if a person is 18 or over. If a person 18 or older exposes themself to someone younger than 16 for the purposes of sexual arousal or satisfaction, they can be charged with a Class H felony.

Indecent exposure can happen in someone’s home. If a person 18 or older exposes them self in someone else’s private home and does so in front of a resident who is younger than 16, the person who exposes themself can be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor.

Also, if a person can be charged with this crime if they are on someone else’s private property if they expose themself to non-consenting person for the purpose of sexual arousal or satisfaction. A person can also be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor if they expose themself in an area close enough to be seen from another person’s private property. For example, if a person on a sidewalk exposes themself to a person in a house in front of the sidewalk, they can be charged with this crime.

Lastly, even a person on their own private property can be charged with indecent exposure.  A person on private property who exposes themself to others not on that property can be charged.

You’re charged, what next?

If you are charged with this crime in North Carolina, it is best to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your criminal defense attorney can go over your case with you. They will explain your best options for defense, and the likely consequences you may face.

Indecent Exposure



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