Criminal Defense Attorneys in North and South Carolina


Criminal Defense Attorneys in North and South Carolina


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Child Restraint Laws in NC

Drivers are often rightfully concerned about getting points on their driving record. As many people know, DMV points can eventually lead to license suspension. While people tend focus on speeding and other moving violations, they are generally not aware of child...

Possession of Cocaine in North Carolina

A criminal defense lawyer will be able to help you if you were charged with possession of cocaine in North Carolina. Cocaine charges can be complicated for an untrained person to handle their own. Because there are so many factors to consider, a lawyer may be your...

Misdemeanor Sentencing in NC

Misdemeanor Sentencing in North Carolina  Misdemeanor sentencing in North Carolina is governed by  NCGS 15A-1340.23. There are two classes of crime, felony and misdemeanor. This blog focuses only on misdemeanor sentencing in North Carolina. There are four categories...

Courthouse Procedure

Courthouse Procedure for Misdemeanor and Traffic offenses in North Carolina Whether you have a pending traffic court date or criminal court date, many criminal defense and traffic clients have concerns about their pending court date. This blog provides an overview of...
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