Criminal Defense Attorneys in North and South Carolina


Criminal Defense Attorneys in North and South Carolina


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Domestic Violence in South Carolina

If you have been charged with domestic violence in South Carolina, you can face a wide range of consequences. Like just about any other criminal charge, you should consult a South Carolina criminal defense attorney if you are charged with Domestic Violence. Domestic...

Trespass in North Carolina

Trespass in North Carolina is a criminal charge that can lead to wide array of criminal consequences. Because of that it would be best to contact a criminal defense attorney if you are ever faced with that situation. Degrees of Trespass in North Carolina In North...

PJC in North Carolina

PJC (Prayer for Judgment Continued) in North Carolina – Should I get a PJC for my Traffic Ticket? As traffic lawyers in Charlotte North Carolina, Gilles Law often gets calls from clients who have gotten a speeding ticket. Often times, these individuals ask us if...

Failure to Appear (FTA) in NC

Failure to Appear (FTA) in North Carolina Traffic Court A failure to appear (FTA) is a very common issue that traffic defendants face.  It carries serious consequences. If you missed a court date, you should contact an a traffic attorney immediately. This blog...

Speeding in North Carolina

Speeding in North Carolina seems simple on the surface, but can be very complicated.  A speeding conviction comes with any number of associated consequences. Speeding is a moving violation that can lead to driver’s license points and insurance points. Depending on the...

North Carolina Racing Charges

In North Carolina, racing on a public road goes beyond speeding and becomes a separate criminal charge. The severity of racing charges, and any subsequent conviction, depends on the facts and circumstances surrounding the action. There are two levels of racing in...
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