PJC in North Carolina

PJC (Prayer for Judgment Continued) in North Carolina – Should I get a PJC for my Traffic Ticket? As traffic lawyers in Charlotte North Carolina, Gilles Law often gets calls

Failure to Appear (FTA) in NC

Failure to Appear (FTA) in North Carolina Traffic Court A failure to appear (FTA) is a very common issue that traffic defendants face.  It carries serious consequences. If you missed

Speeding in North Carolina

Speeding in North Carolina seems simple on the surface, but can be very complicated.  A speeding conviction comes with any number of associated consequences. Speeding is a moving violation that

North Carolina Racing Charges

In North Carolina, racing on a public road goes beyond speeding and becomes a separate criminal charge. The severity of racing charges, and any subsequent conviction, depends on the facts

Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana

Possession with the intent to manufacture, sell, or deliver marijuana in North Carolina If you are charged with Possession with intent to sell or deliver marijuana in the State of

Possession of Cocaine in North Carolina

A criminal defense lawyer will be able to help you if you were charged with possession of cocaine in North Carolina. Cocaine charges can be complicated for an untrained person

Driver’s License Suspension in NC

In North Carolina, driving is a privilege, not a right. As such, there are many ways you can lose the privilege (via driver’s license suspension.)  Many people fail to see

Categories of North Carolina Traffic Citation

When you get a traffic ticket in North Carolina, there are several possible consequences. These consequences vary so widely that it is often best to consult a North Carolina traffic

Prostitution Charges in South Carolina

Prostitution Charges in South Carolina Being charged with Prostitution In South Carolina can come from a wide range of activities. Prostitution charges in South Carolina often come along with solicitation

Search Warrants and Exceptions in North Carolina

Search Warrants and Exceptions in North Carolina In general, police must have a warrant to search you, your home, or and your personal belongings. To obtain a search warrant, the police

Misdemeanor Sentencing in NC

Misdemeanor Sentencing in North Carolina  Misdemeanor sentencing in North Carolina is governed by  NCGS 15A-1340.23. There are two classes of crime, felony and misdemeanor. This blog focuses only on misdemeanor

Courthouse Procedure

Courthouse Procedure for Misdemeanor and Traffic offenses in North Carolina Whether you have a pending traffic court date or criminal court date, many criminal defense and traffic clients have concerns

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Charges

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Charges Why non-citizens accused of a crime should talk to a criminal defense attorney Being convicted of a crime can negatively impact a non-citizen’s immigration status
cyber crimes

Cyber Crimes in North Carolina

Cyber Crimes in North Carolina With the widespread use of the Internet, social media, and text messaging, North Carolina law has expanded to recognize a new category of crimes –

Marijuana Charges in South Carolina

Marijuana Charges in South Carolina Though legalized in many states, possession of marijuana is still illegal in South Carolina in most circumstances. Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the

Driving While License Revoked (DWLR)

Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) in North Carolina A driver’s license is something almost everyone relies on every day and oftentimes, people forget that in the eyes of North Carolina

Conditional Discharge and Deferred Prosecution

Conditional Discharge and Deferred Prosecution in North Carolina In North Carolina, sometimes a criminal defense client has special options available to help him or her avoid a criminal conviction. This

Felony Sentencing in North Carolina

FELONY SENTENCING IN NORTH CAROLINA Felonies in North Carolina are divided into ten (10) different classes, A (the most serious), B1, B2, C, D, E, F, G, H, I (the least

Embezzlement in North Carolina

White Collar Crimes: Embezzlement Punishment in North Carolina What are White Collar Crimes? White Collar Crimes are financially motivated and non-violent in nature, these crimes are usually committed by someone

Larceny in North Carolina

In North Carolina, larceny is defined under N.C.G.S. 14-72.Larceny, which is commonly referred to as theft or stealing, is a property crime in North Carolina and generally must meet all


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