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Limited Driving Privilege for Breathalyzer Refusal Revocation in North Carolina

Limited Driving Privilege for Breathalyzer Refusal Revocation As you may know, under the state’s implied consent laws, the state can revoke a person’s driver’s license if that person refuses to

Discharging a Firearm into an Occupied Property in North Carolina

Discharging a Firearm into an Occupied Property While owning a gun in North Carolina is common and is legal within certain parameters, North Carolina also has laws with regard to

Driving While Under the Influence of an Impairing Substance

DWI – Impairing Substances When most people think of DWI, they think of alcohol. It is true that a BAC concentration of .08 or greater is the most common way

Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges in South Carolina

Criminal sexual conduct charges in South Carolina South Carolina criminal law spells out a wide variety of crimes that are referred to as criminal sexual conduct.  These crimes follow varying

Murder in South Carolina

Murder charges in South Carolina Anyone who has ever watched a crime show has heard the term homicide. But what is that?  Homicide is the unlawful killing of another, but

Manslaughter in South Carolina

Manslaughter in South Carolina The term homicide includes a class of crimes that refer to the unlawful killing of another human being. There are several forms of homicide with varying

Bail Bonds Procedures under South Carolina Criminal Law

Bail Bond Procedures under South Carolina Criminal Law When someone is involved in a criminal matter or has been charged with a crime, one of the first priorities is getting

Driving Under the Influence: DUI in South Carolina

DUI in South Carolina DUI and DWI laws vary from state to state. The terms are typically used interchangeably in everyday speech. Under South Carolina criminal law, the technical term

Raise the Age : NC Criminal Law Change

Raise the Age: NC – New Law Changing the Age of Majority from 16 to 18 – North Carolina Criminal Law Recently, North Carolina criminal law has had some very

Public Intoxication in South Carolina

South Carolina Criminal Law Public Disorderly Conduct We have all heard of the term “drunk and disorderly”. This term often refers to someone being drunk in public and causing some

Drug Trafficking Charges in South Carolina

Drug trafficking charges in South Carolina Drug trafficking charges can often be misunderstood by the general public. Because of the name, people often assume it covers the movement of narcotic.

Illegally Obtained Evidence

Illegally Obtained Evidence – What Can a Criminal Defendant do? What happens when the police violate the United States Constitution and/or the North Carolina State Constitution and illegally obtain evidence

Interfering with Emergency Communication in North Carolina

Interfering with Emergency Communication in North Carolina Emergency services are available for citizens to get help when it is needed; whether that be from the police, the fire department, or

Entrapment in North Carolina

Entrapment in North Carolina A lot of people seem to have the wrong idea about what entrapment in North Carolina means. Entrapment is an affirmative defense to a crime. People

Arson in South Carolina

Arson Charges in South Carolina Arson is common term that many people use. Many people use it simply describe illegally setting fires. However, there is more to this particular crime

Obtaining a signature or property under false pretenses in South Carolina

There are several theft crimes under South Carolina criminal law including Larceny, Embezzlement and Fraud.  In this Blog we will talk about a very specific theft crime, and that is

Malicious Prosecution and Defamation

Civil Remedies in NC for the Falsely Accused – Malicious Prosecution and Defamation We get a lot of questions about what remedies a criminal defendant has if they are falsely

Limited Driving Privilege in North Carolina

Limited Driving Privileges There is no right to drive – not at a federal (constitutional) or at a state level). Therefore, the ability to drive on public roads is a

Human Trafficking in North Carolina

Most people have heard of human trafficking in terms of sexual servitude or modern day slavery. Human trafficking, involuntary servitude, and sexual servitude are all related offenses in North Carolina.


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